Monday, June 20, 2011

Strawberry Queen

We are well into the strawberry season now and we've been eating them day and night, this is the third year I've had my allotment and I've been bringing back a whole carrier bag everynight - I even dream I'm picking them in my sleep !!

So far we've picked 56 punnets of strawberries since may the 29th, yes I have been measuring every load I bring back ( sad I know ) - just to prove to my husband that the allotment is'nt just an expensive hobby , espec. since I bought the poly. Anyway there's lots more to come, the freezers already starting to fill up and all the cream that goes with them is'nt helping  my running so I've just bought a food dehydrater - can't wait to play!

More pretty pictures of my strawberry / fairy kitchen

Even Fudge has started eating them

I just love the new colour of my workshop, yellow is such a happy sunny colour, something we don't get too much of up here in Cumbria

Last week ws a busy week for dinosaurs, this week for some reason it's rockets


Creating Trouble said...

Wow, wish I had that many strawberries! Feel free to send some down to London...! Love the dino-clocks too :-)

Helen Philipps said...

I love this colourful post sooo much! So glad you left me a comment and I could pop over and discover your gorgeous blog today! Well done on your amazing strawberry growing too - you allotment must look wonderful as well!
Helen x

The Krafty Cupcake said...

I just found yourlovely blog through yr comment on Mary Jane's Tearoom. Will def be following you. Sue x

Mary Jane's TEAROOM said...

Hello Liz...what a lovely colourful blog you have here....and your straberries look must be wonderful to have your own allotment....
Thank you too for visiting my blog today and your lovely have a new follower and I look forward to seeing more of your lovely work in the future!
Susan x

4 Lil' Girls said...

Hi Liz just found your blog, i absolutely love it , the colors, the crafts, the fun its great. I'm totally in love with your workroom, inspiring, will def be following :)
Karen x

ArtSnark said...

Love all the colors on your blog! Those dinos are fab