Wednesday, September 21, 2011

And back to work

Well, the kids are back at school the allotment is dying down and the weather has turned cold wet and windy ( not much change there then) so it must be time to crack on with getting ready for the christmas deluge of orders. There's so much to do I'm already feeling that yearly xmas panic , there's a million changes that need to be made to my website, tonnes of new design ideas floating around in my head trying to burst out and the small matter of a 2 week holiday to fit into the middle of October !! 

Here's the new addition to my workshop, now I've somewhere comfy to sit and work

All ready to to get going for Christmas, lots of hanging Christmas tree box's in the making

A glimse of how much work goes into each piece, each clay part is hand cut and smoothed

then painted twice, varnished twice and decorated with sequins, glitter and dot relief

Everything can be personalised with names on the front and messages on the back at no extra cost

So , there's lots going on and lots more to do before I go on my hols.
See my new designs here first, eventually.