Friday, January 21, 2011

What do you call yourself ?

         One of my biggest dilemmas since starting my business 10 years ago is what do I call myself?

           Am I an artist, designer, crafter, business person?

 I hate filling in forms that ask what your job is, somehow crafter doesn't sound serious or successful does it? This is a question that has perplexed me for years, on going for a mortgage interview and asked what my profession is , my response was ' I make things' ( almost as if it's not a real job ) hardly profession or successful sounding- even though I was making more than my husband!

Just wondered what your views are?


Roslyn Mitchell Designs said...

That's funny... I wonder that all the time! I say Artisan but my husband thinks that's a bit ponsy! Artist is not quite right. Designer, maybe, but that always makes me think interiors/graphics. I agree with you totally on Crafter... doesn't really do us justice. Mmm still struggling with this one! My business cards say designer/artisan... think I'll stick with that! x

Jenny said...

I tend to stick with 'textile designer' as that's what I studied in, even though technically a lot of my products in the past have been printed! I think designer just sounds a bit more professional than crafter, which I always associate with the more amateur which you're definitely not... Anyway, after all that, sorry to be no help at all, haha! jenny xx
p.s you have a gorgeous blog here:)

My First Card said...

Oh my gosh, so amazing. I wish I could visit that shop immediately. How beautiful all these creations are :)

Debra Farrell said...

I would say you are an Artist/Designer/Manufacturer.

Or Manufacturing Designer Artist