Sunday, April 3, 2011

My New Polytunnel

I'm so excited, my polytunnel is nearly finished, good thing as well as I have tonnes of seedlings sprouting in the kitchen. I thought building a polytunnel would be quite easy but there was a lot of knocking wood together so it's taken a couple of weeks ( thanks to my OH ) and pulling the plastic tight so so hard, I now marvel at other peoples poly's and how tight their plastic is ( sad I know )

My OH busy building - helped by Fudge as always

Everything is just starting to wake up, cant wait to see a bit more green and colour it all looks so drab at the moment. I'll keep you posted next week, hopefully my poly will be all done x


Jenny said...

Looks like a mission to build, good job you have a clever OH to help! Will be fantastic when it's all done and you have it full of lots of plants! Have a lovely week x

Greenside Up said...

You won't know yourself come July... enjoy! (and source out some irregation fast .... we're finally getting around to it this year after the past couple of years without and I can't wait... sometimes I'd be watering it three times a day (when temps were 40+ and we live in Ireland!)